I have been thinking a lot about horizons lately. I think looking out at the mid-pacific horizon every day for the last 10 days (since I have been on my home island of Hawaii for the holidays) has accelerated that. Not only is it a familiar and soothing sight from my childhood, but also a new awareness about it has emerged in me. As I look out each day at that immense delineation between the tropical sea and sky, I am viscerally reminded that in 6 short months I will be literally surrounded by nothing but this sight for many days on end.

There is so much possibility that lies in the horizon. It represents literal possibility as well as a metaphoric one, which is so cool, because this entire journey for me from day one has been (and continues to be) both of those things.

The literal is obvious: developing new skills, overcoming technical challenges, increasing my physical fitness, performing new kinds of mental gymnastics, preparing my boat, and so on. The metaphoric is more mysterious, because so much of it is unknown, or invisible, like what lies over the horizon. I know that the nuggets that will come from the soul searching of this endeavor are things that I cannot even imagine or fully grasp now. I have unearthed some gems already as I prepare, but I know that nothing will compare to the moment I set sail alone and lose sight of land for the first time in my life.

It is perfect that a new year is starting as I reflect on the magnitude of all of this. I felt it fitting therefore, to officially register for the SHTP yesterday as a symbol of my commitment and intention. I am very excited for what the horizon of my next 7 months holds. The vision and intention that I am personally holding very sacredly in my minds eye is one of my beautiful Haunani carrying me safely into Hanalei bay sometime in mid July 2016!

Happy New Year to you all!


the horizon from the northwest shore of the Big Island of Hawaii

the horizon from the northwest shore of the Big Island of Hawaii