Full Moon Sailing :: Soul Food

Yesterday was the full moon, and I got a wild hair and decided to grab some friends and head out at sunset to enjoy it on the water. Since my racing debacle last week, I have been feeling particularly tender and in need of being on the water. My goal has been to get back on the “horse” and get out there every day. It has been the best medicine ever!

We left the dock around 5:30pm and cruised out of the marina into a beautiful California sunset. There was no wind at first, so we motored out, but as we made our way past the breakwater and into the bay, the wind started to come up. Soon we were under full sail and cruising along at 6-7 knots.  The moon rose dramatically over the city, while the unseasonably warm northerly breeze kept us trucking along. We were the only boat as far as we could see, and the feeling of sailing out into the darkness with the giant yellow moon in our wake was euphoric to say the least. I could have stayed out there all night, and wish I could have! It is a night I will never forget and will go down as one of my favorites of all time! Sailing always heals me, but this sail in particular went very deep. I am so grateful to my lovely friends for joining me and sharing in such a magical experience.