Heartbreak Hotel

I am wide awake. it's 3am.  Thankfully  I am surrounded by a moonlit seascape in one of my favorite places on earth...Santa Catalina island. I am on a friend's boat and as grateful as I am for that opportunity, I miss mine like crazy. This missing was going on long before I got the news tonight (accompanied by the startling images) of her laying on her belly on the cement on the loading dock in Honolulu. I am heartbroken. I know she will be ok and that it's all handle-able, but right now in my middle of the night sleeplessness I am feeling so sad and helpless. I know she is "just a boat" but seeing her like that after all that we have been through really gets me in my deepest places.  So I am writing to try to shake it off and I am visualizing her in all of her steadfast glory spiriting me along on her strong back across the wild Pacific. You will get back there again my beautiful girl!!