Day 14

Day 14 25’22.123N / 150’07.059W 548 miles to go!

It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have been out here for 2 weeks! It is surreal to say the least! There is a certain comfort in the daily routine we have established, even though it is so simple. One of my favorite parts of this routine is morning coffee in the companionway (that is if I turn a blind eye to the fact that I ran out out of my favorite creamer and am now having to have grody almond milk in my cuppa). That little spot has become my favorite perch snuggled in behind the dodger (I am SO glad I did not remove my dodger, by the way. That would have been the worst decision ever).

I jibed back towards rhumb line and the finish this morning. It felt like the right time, especially given that tropical storm Celia is looming to the southeast of me. I get a report every morning about where the storm is and how fast it is moving, and I plot it on my chart. I can’t tell if it gives me solace or diarrhea, but either way, its good to know where she is! Ok, I’m exaggerating again (I have to entertain myself somehow), but seriously, I feel ok about the storm at this point. If I end up having to tangle with it, it will just mean high winds, which I know I can handle. Today we have made some very good headway and the wind continues to spirit us along at a great clip! Haunani continues to be the most solid vessel and companion!

I am feeling much more upbeat today, I think because I can actually see myself getting closer to the finish. My progress is very notable on my chart plotter and that is feeding me now! I am still so happy and at peace out here despite my previously expressed annoyances. I fall more and more in love with the many moods of the Pacific as I navigate across her waters. Its funny, because even though I have not ever crossed this ocean (or any other for that matter), it feels so familiar and safe. I think it is because I grew up surrounded by her beauty and power. I suppose looking out at the sea from my Hawaii Island is not much different than looking out from my lovely Haunani. I really feel at home out here. The colors, shapes and smells are all so familiar. Last night the moon about took my breath away. She illuminated the night in the most subtle and soft way. There is something so comforting about her presence and the way she is lighting my way and beckoning me home now. I am counting the hours until I catch a first glimpse of beautiful Kauai! It will also be very nice to see other humans! I still have not seen a soul except for one fairly close pass by a few nights ago with Saraband, a fellow racer.

I cannot express enough how much the support and cheerleading from land is buoying me out here. Thanks to everyone and their kind and heart felt messages of love, encouragement and support. My family blows my mind everyday with the way they tune into my mental state and say exactly what I need to hear. I feel so grateful….now more than ever. And of course thanks to my dear Thomas who is always checking on me and giving the worlds best pep talks! And to all of my sweet and lovely friends who are rooting for me…..I feel it and I am one lucky woman!