Day 12

Day 12 29'14.459 N / 145'09.481W

Just like my little tracking device, apparently I needed a re-boot. Yesterday was a tough day for me. Nothing in particular happened or didn’t happen, I just kind of hit a wall. The morning started crappy as you know from my last post, and my spirits just took a nosedive from there. I felt small and fragile most of the day, and was very homesick for my friends and family.

I had a great night’s sleep (well, as great as it can be sleeping for 1-2 hours at a time) and as a result, this morning I am feeling much better and more positive. Once of the things that was bringing me down was that I was having a very hard time making decisions about my course, and since I have never done a big trip like this was very confused as to the best trajectory and how to calculate that. It just felt so daunting. I would panic that I was going the wrong way, and ended up jibing way too much and looking like a drunken sailor by my track. Another thing that was/is really getting to me are the unpredictable swells. When one randomly comes from the side, it is so jarring and agitating. You never know when they will hit, and when down below, the noises that accompany them are really awful. You would think I would be used to it by now, but it is still very disconcerting! It honestly feels like my boat might crack apart into a thousand pieces…..then I pop up on deck and everything seems as calm and normal as ever. It is a strange phenomenon!

I do love it out here, but I have to admit that I am counting the days until I arrive in Hanalei. My dad reminded me yesterday though that once I get there I will probably wish I were back out at sea. So, my challenge is to stay in the moment and really be present with every nuance of this experience.

Anyway, here is to a new day and a fresh perspective! I feel like I am on a good course now. I have 878 miles left and I plan on making the very best out of them!