Day 10!

Day 10 31’32.675 N / 140’58.601 W

I am writing this as my boat lurches about on huge dark blue rollers. Really the only place to be is wedged somewhere, so that’s what I am doing now with my trusty laptop. I woke up today to a different feeling in the air. It’s warmer and feels tropical somehow. I think I have found the trades! I am still in total awe of this experience and the beauty that surrounds me at all times out here! I will admit though, that today is the first day that I am feeling antsy and impatient. I have not laid eyes on another soul for this whole time, and even though I have been in touch with my family through my tracker, I feel very far away from my “real” life. It is surreal.

My brother asked me today how I pass the days out here. My first answer was “trying not to fall over”. Sounds funny I know, but it’s so true. I cannot let down my guard for one moment, or I will certainly be flung across my cabin. Making food and coffee has become an art form. If you saw my stance while doing so you would laugh heartily at my expense! The bruises on my body look like a celestial chart gone rogue and I have never been this sore in my life. The constant balancing takes a toll, then you add sail trim/management and just dealing with boat stuff…trust me it is intense. I am trying to keep myself fed and semi-clean but that too is tough with this movement. I actually found dreadlocks in my hair yesterday…and I have fine hair so getting them out was an interesting endeavor. I may have lost an entire handful of hair in the process (and I don’t have much to spare)! I eat out of cooking pots and often drop half of it on my lap. Drinking water has earned me some new skills and a realization that wide mouthed water bottles are not the way to go on the high seas! I am glad I am the only one here to see or smell me and I am very glad I can laugh at myself!

I have had some technical difficulties with downloading my grib (weather) files to see what’s going on out here. It has been frustrating for sure. It is especially important because there is a big storm that is headed towards the islands, and I need to be prepared with my strategy for how to best handle that (where to place myself) if and when it becomes an issue.

Despite all of the callenges, I truly am happy out here, and it is mostly fun. It is a magical world no matter what time of day it is. There is always something new and captivating to witness and take in. The changing moods of the sea and sky really captivate and inspire me to no end.

The wind is up so we are constantly moving now (we are doing 7-9 knots on a downwind run). I needed that speed for a little encouragement! The big tasks for me at this point are to keep us moving as fast as we can and to figure out my most efficient course strategy. I have no experience with this kind of thing, so I am relying heavily on my intuition as well as common sense. I seem to be holding my own, but who knows, because I have no idea where my compadres are. I do know that I am headed in the right direction at least!